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Hi, I'm Richard Forbat, Master Trainer, Lifestyle Coach, Fitness & Strength Specialist. With over 20 years experience, fitness and sport has been a major part of my life. I am passionate about utilising the latest practices in health sciences and technology as soon as it becomes known to the fitness industry.

As an independent one-on-one fitness consultant, over the years I've trained celebrity clients and athletes in Sydney, London and Los Angeles in multiple gyms including The Sports Club/LA Beverly Hills, and a sought after boutique gym for celebrities located in West Hollywood.

I have helped many of my clients to achieve behavioural lifestyle changes and to transform their physiques via individually designed functional workout regimen and diet plans, and for that I feel fortunate because my intervention helped transform their lives and helped to make a big difference to their self esteem, wellness and quality of life.


World Class training with Athletes and Coaches

I have learned and trained in Australia & California with elite athletes from around the world including Olympic Medallists. I have studied their training methods & have applied them to my philosophy of fitness.

Vital Stats

DIPLOMA IN HEALTH & FITNESS Accredited Tertiary graduated from TAFE College as "summa cum laude" Fitness & Rehabilitation Therapist/Specialist
CERT IV IN FITNESS Master Fitness Trainer-Coach (TAFE College)
Australian Graduate School of Health & Sport Science - Level 1 Corrective Exercise Trainer
(ACE) American Council on Exercise CERT PT
Member: (ACSM) American College of Sports Medicine

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